The collection and disposal of household refuse accounts for a large percentage of your annual parish rate. You may be interested to know that the figure applied for this item in the annual Remède is the actual cost of collection and disposal – there are no "reserves" being accumulated – so you can see what an expensive item it is!

Collection Day
Monday night/ very early Tuesday morning
Except Christmas Day 2023 when the collection day will be on Saturday 23rd December.

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Please double wrap any used tissues and used masks in your black sack/bag.
  • Do not put refuse out early in the evening, as collection is near midnight.
  • If bags become split, please clear up and re-bag.
  • Leave refuse out for collection in a sanitary manner.
  • Dustbins or black sacks should not be too heavy to lift for general waste.
  • Ensure that if dustbins are used, it is safe to handle (i.e. broken bins or handles can cut).
  • Plastic bin liners, carrier bags or cardboard boxes are NOT approved containers.
  • Do not leave cardboard boxes or garden refuse out for the parish collection – please the Guernsey Waste Office 01481 221234 for details of a tip which will accept these types of refuse.
  • When a road is closed – please try to be aware that there may be difficulties of access when roads are closed. You can help us by taking sacks to whichever end of the road is nearest your property. Please phone the office for advice should you require it.
  • If you run out of recycling bags you will find a voucher within your roll of recycling bags which can be taken to any shop.
  • If you need recycling bags to start, please contact the Parish Clerk who can give you a voucher.
  • If you need a replacement recycling bin/caddy or glass bag please contact the Constables' Office.
  • Dangerous items - Please see here and poster here

If you have any queries please contact our office on 264401 or e-mail:

More details about recycling can be seen on the States of Guernsey website

Finally, it is an offence to place rubbish on a public highway OTHER than on a normal collection time. Offenders are reported to the Police. A few convictions might deter others from putting out their refuse too early or from abandoning it on a public highway.

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